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Sandwich Making 101

Step 1: Keep all ingredients refrigerated throughout the sandwich-making process. 


Step 2: Wearing gloves is REQUIRED. Lay out white bread. No ends/heels. No condiments.


Step 3: Place one piece of cheese on EACH slice of bread. Every sandwich should have at least two pieces of cheese.

Step 4: Use 2.5 ounces of turkey or ham on each sandwich. 


Step 5: Place each sandwich in an individual Ziploc sandwich bag. Press out excess air. Seal tightly. 


Step 6: Neatly place the zip-locked sandwiches into the original loaf bag and press out excess air. Secure well with a twist tie. 

Step 7: Deliver your prepared sandwiches to the most convenient host site. Follow the host’s directions for sign-in, labeling, and refrigeration.



  • What type of meat can I use for making sandwiches? 

    • Turkey and/or ham. Use the same QUALITY ingredients that you would feed to your family. Make a hearty sandwich because this may be the person's only meal of the day.

  •  What should I do with the ends/heel of the bread? 

    • Please do not use the ends for sandwiches. Please save the ends in a separate and we bag and bring it to your host for donation to a farm.

  • What type of bread? 

    • We prefer soft, fresh white bread.

  • May I use condiments on the sandwiches?  

    • No. They make the sandwich soggy.

  • Do I have to wrap each sandwich in its own Ziploc sandwich bag before putting it back in the loaf bag?

    • Yes. This is required for food safety.

  • What type of peanut butter and jelly should I use? 

    • Creamy peanut butter & jelly (no jam).   

  • Do I have to worry about expiration dates?

    • ​Yes. Purchase all items with the LATEST expiration date.

  • When should I assemble sandwiches?

    • Assemble sandwiches no earlier than Tuesdays, for drop-off on Wednesdays.  They are distributed on Thursdays for consumption.

  • How do I close the loaf bag?

    • Use twist ties.  No bands or knots.  Make sure that twist ties are secure

  • What else can I bring with sandwiches or what else do you collect if I can’t make sandwiches?

    • Fresh fruit (apples, oranges, green bananas), small boxes of raisins, SOFT, CHEWY protein bars.  

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