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“When you shine on others, God shines on you. Thank you"

“It means so much to me that someone out there took the time and effort to make sandwiches for me so that I would not go hungry. The sandwiches are always delicious too!"

“The sandwiches we get from the sandwich project are the best sandwiches I’ve ever had.”


Sissy L.

“I am so grateful for the sandwich us a way to easily help those in need.  And involving our children so they too can see the importance of helping people in our community”

Kevin D.

“It’s tough to find meaningful ways to give back for young kids and this is a great way to do so. The Sandwich Project also gives us a chance to talk about difficult issues like homelessness and food insecurity. It helps us teach our children to be grateful for the basic things they otherwise take for granted”

Elsa S.

“Making sandwiches for The Sandwich Project has been such a simple way for my family to make a big impact. We love how it is flexible too. We can get friends together and make lots of loaves or just make two loaves ourselves.”

Elizabeth M.

“The sandwich project has helped bring a voice to the need of good food in the hands of good people.   Not only does it help feed well deserving people- it brings together people from all over the city to help one another”

Maddie D.

“I chose the Sandwich Project as my Mitzvah Project because it was an easy way to make a big impact. Making sandwiches for people in need feels amazing”

Stacy G.

“We, as a family, love the mission of The Sandwich Project, feeding the homeless and food insecure.  Each week we look forward to making sandwiches together and knowing that each one will make a difference in someone’s life!”


Silke S.

“The sandwich project fills hearts and bellies! Every week, it feels so good to be able to connect a few hundred people to feed a few thousand.  It’s simple, impactful and meaningful work that fills a big need in our community."

Natalie H.

“My family began making sandwiches regularly in 2020 and now I serve as a weekly drop off location in our Indian Hills neighborhood...We love knowing that thanks to TSP’s efforts many people that would not otherwise are now going to sleep with nourishment in their stomachs.”

Jeanne R.

“In addition to being a host, I also deliver sandwiches to one of our recipient organizations and am able to see first hand the direct impact and just how grateful individuals are for the hearty sandwiches everyone makes.”



“Hope allows you to see light at the end of the tunnel and it confirms you are not alone. The Sandwich Project gives many people a lot of hope.‘’

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